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2017 UB Medical Mission

Dear Family and Friends, 

This morning we said our final good byes to our friends in Fontaine and left for Port au Prince. After a long, bumpy ride, we arrived at our beautiful hotel and were able to spend most of the day relaxing by the pool before we take off tomorrow back home. 

A lot of our time today has been spent reflecting on the 675 patients that we saw this week and the people that we met. There were certainly some ups and downs during our trip. The most common frustration amongst the students and physicians was feeling helpless a lot of times, where we would see a patient and did not have the means or equipment to help. However, there were many patients that we were able to help which is always a rewarding feeling. In just one short week, we have built some amazing friendships with the people of Fontaine.

Last night after our last day of clinic, we had a celebration with our entire group, the group of high school students also staying at St. Gabriel's, the cooks, translators, and many of the students at St. Gabriel's who translated for us this week. There was lots of delicious food and cake, laughs, and dancing to both popular Haitian and American music - Backstreet Boys was a huge hit with all the groups!

We have had such an amazing week and are so thankful for the experiences we have had together. We thank everyone that has helped us get here, and we look forward to our next opportunity to return to Fontaine!

The Haiti Crew

Group picture with the doctors and Pierre Louis

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