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Concordia University Portland

The partnership between Concordia University and St.Gabriel's Secondary School started back in 2010 when Barbara Floyd, then a Professor of Nursing in the Concordia University Nursing Department, met Pierre Louis in a city not far from Fontaine, called Hinche. At the time Pierre Louis was beginning his educational journey to New York for his year at Siena College. Professor Floyd was blown away by his mission and dedication to Fontaine that she wrote him a sponsorship check on the spot. Two years passed and Professor Floyd returned to Hinche to volunteer, at which point she was invited to see the construction of St.Gabriel's School in Fontaine. During her brief visit to the construction site, a group of students asked her,

"Will you stand with us?"

she gulped and answered, "I will try." 

Before Concordia University closed in 2020 Concordia students had conducted four mission trips to Fontaine. Each mission trip consisted of the following:

– English classes

– First aid classes

– Hypertension lectures

– Swing Dance classes

– Sex Education lectures

– Pregnancy prevention and STI classes

UPDATE: A U.S. State Department Advisory against travel to Haiti due to the increased level of crime, kidnapping, roaming gangs, and political instability has resulted in the temporary suspension of mission trips to Haiti. We hope the improved conditions in Haiti will allow for the resumption of mission trips in the near future.

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