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When we realized St. Gabriel's School needed to be rebuilt, we wondered if it was a sign that we should end our mission in Haiti and use our funds to meet other needs. However, St. Gabriel's has been such a cornerstone in Haiti, offering food, shelter, water, electricity, and medical care, and by educating the young adult leaders Haiti needs, we cannnot abandon it. We must protect and develop it. If you believe we've made the right decision, we need your support by clicking on the "Campaign Donor Button," printing out the form, and mailing it in."

  "I want to ask a favor. I want to ask you to walk together and take care of one another."
                     -Pope  Francis


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Maddie Johnson

Concordia University Nursing


I now know that after nursing school, I will once again return to Haiti and work alongside and serve the beautiful and compassionate Haitian people."

Shayna Smith 

Our Lady Good Counsel

High School


We in America are very materialistic and in Haiti they hardly have anything and yet they have it all. My time in Haiti was truly humbling.

Connor Orrico

University of Buffalo

Jacobs School of Medicine


These children, all of whom have been made in the image of God, deserve far better, and I am heartened that we are able to work towards that end.

Vinny Polsinelli

University of Buffalo

Jacobs School of Medicine MD '18 

Founder of the UB biannual clinics


“God is using me as an instrument to help others.”

Maya Reagan

Friends of Fontaine Supporter


There is absolutely pain, malnutrition, unjust living conditions, corruption, and poverty, BUT the joy shines that much brighter in the midst of chaos. I believe it's time for all to stand witness to this.

Faiha Zaidi

Siena College-AMC program

Class of 2020


It is so jarring and beautiful to be welcomed into a new walk of life, to experience Haiti through the hopeful and joyous eyes of young people, eager for knowledge, waiting for the opportunity to change the world as we know it. 

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